Phyt Immune Drops


Stimulates the natural Immune System. Recommended to alleviate Coronavirus ailments. Assists with most immune issues or sickness; such as a sore throat, swollen glands, bladder and urinary infections, gut infections, fever, tick bites, mumps, measles, HIV, Cancer and many more.

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This product is a must have in every home to use whenever a sore throat, swollen glands, bladder and urinary infections, gut infection, fever, tick bite, mumps, measles, HIV, Cancer and sickness appears.

Safely used on animals to guard the immune in biliary cases. Recommended to alleviate Coronavirus and Influenza ailments.


Allium sativum, Triticum repens, Echinecea purpurea, Viola Tricolor, Matricaria chamomilla, Phytotherpeutische components, Alcohol 63% V/V to 1 ml.


Shake before use.

The normal dose is 1 drop per kg of body weight divided into 2 daily intakes, morning and evening. Dilute in a cold drink or water. ( no caffeine)

Safe for babies.


No contra indicative conditions reported.

Safe for babies.

High percentage alcohol.

It may not be given to those with Lupus as this product is an immune suppressor. (Fulvic and Humic in our Renew with Fulvic are Immune Modulators and are safe for Lupus)

The product lasts as long as the ailment is still active and the user is taking it and is dependent on the “weight” of the user.