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About Fulvic Health

Want to find a way to age better, function better and perform better?


As the founder of Fulvic Health Pty Ltd, my quest is aimed at creating an environment for new and innovative world-class products for both animals and humans. As a result Fulvic Health Pty Ltd is able to supply tried and tested, unique, niche and exclusive Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid, HOCl and Essential Oil based products for both animals and humans..

My collaboration with Pharmaceutical Manufacturers brings you NEW,  INNOVATIVE and authentic FIRST EVER products that are not readily available in retail outlets.

The aftermath of a severe car crash left me with many and ongoing health challenges which prompted me to do further research on what I believe is “ Natures own Miracle”, Fulvic Acid. Needless to say our Fulvic Excel was made and specifically formulated with my recovery in mind and has all the makings of an all in one product that has many functions.

Suffice to say, sharing the benefits of prevention and cure of Fulvic and Humic Acid, was no accident.

I get to share this miracle with you….



Over a decade of research, innovation and collaboration offers you these products that work with your body’s natural healing ability to heal and balance.

It is known that deficiencies in our current agricultural soil is reflected in our food.
So can you really afford not to supplement?

Imagine a combination of exclusive products, not readily found in SA, that propels cellular signaling processes? If you are interested in an entirely new way that plants, animals and humans age, recover and rehabilitate as well as perform in sport, then you need to browse further.

Oxidative stress is the underlying cause of almost all chronic degenerative diseases.


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What our clients say about us

  • On January 2014 I was involved in a serious accident that crushed 2 vertebras, punctured my left lung, raptured my diaphragm, shift stomach and other internal organs into chest squashing my left lung, damage to the aorta and the spinal cord and extensive nerve damage to my left arm and left leg. I spent 80 days in hospital. The doctors had to remove my spleen. I Lost 35KG while I was in hospital because I was not allowed to eat because of a leak in my stomach and was fed by TPN drip. I was approached by FulvicHealth and went onto Fulvic Excel in July 2015. At the time I was thinking how can just 4 capsules a day but I gave it a try. First thing I noticed was that I had more energy and my immune system was getting better. Over time my immune system became stronger and better than (before the accident) over the next few weeks my cycling also started to improve. I started to go out on the road for the first time with my dad and did 30KM in 1HR15Min.

    Justin Winn Accident Sufferer
    Justin Winn Accident Sufferer
  • As a business Entrepreneur, SA Polo player and competitive athlete I have find FulvicExcel a necessary daily supplement to assist me in keeping me in optimal health. I take the product to assist with energy, muscle recovery and peak mental performance. I have been taking the products since it was introduced into the market by Fulvic Health. It is the only Fulvic Acid product I recommend.

    Stephen Stewart  Competitive Athlete
    Stephen Stewart Competitive Athlete
  • I have been taking FulvicExcel and Fulvic Clustered Water since 2015. I am a professional runner and compete in many trail running events as well as Comrades.  Both the products act a catalyst that allows nutrient uptake and hydration. My body can repair itself so much quicker.

    Prodigal Khumalo  Professional Runner
    Prodigal Khumalo Professional Runner
  • I have achieved all my goals thanks to Fulvic Health. My biggest question was whether the Fulvic Health products would help me become stronger and faster, and help me recover quicker in my off-season, playing a vital role in my preparation for the 2017 racing season. My answer: a definite yes! Combining Fulvic Renew in the morning and Fulvic Excel after training consistently helped shortening my recovery time, consequently helping me train harder to increase my strength and speed. Usually when I “up” my training, I become more prone to colds and flu. Adding in Moringa Miracle also supplied by Fulvic Heath for the past few months boosted my immune system to the extent that it eradicated winter infections. The very first time I could actually claim I didn’t get sick, thanks to the combination.

    Frans Nel MTB XCO Champion
    Frans Nel MTB XCO Champion
  • I advocate the use of FulvicExcel, FulvicRenew, Moringa and Clustered water as well as many other Fulvic Health products as a frontier product in healthcare and performance. The product range offers many solutions for antiaging, recovery, stamina and healing. Fulvic Acid in its proper form far outweighs other supplementation and it wears many hats. My horse has a personal attachment to the products too and he has been successful in recovering from the many challenges he has endured over the last few years.

    Sharon Marsh  Key Accountant
    Sharon Marsh Key Accountant
  • When I had my blood tests and a CT scan and saw my oncologist for my three month check up last December; all was clear and he said he only wanted to see me in four months time. My breast cancer tumour marker reading was 25 and a reading under 31 is good! My next check up in April was fine and the reading was even better at 24. My last check up was in August and all was fine and the reading was 23.9. My oncologist is very happy with all my results and he said he only wants to see me every six months now. My immune system seems to be good and I only had one cold in February this year and I believe my good health is due to Fulvic Excel. I was taking 4 capsules per day while recovering.

    Angie Nichol   Cancer Survivor
    Angie Nichol Cancer Survivor
  • As a brief history, I suffered tremendous injury. As a result, my general physical health had been spiralling downhill. I suffered tremendously but the biggest impact on me, which I will take into my life change too, was not being able to compete. I have been on FulvicExcel for over 1 year and as a motorsport athlete I find that the products add tremendous value for me especially in terms of endurance and recovery. I love the water and add it into my tripper for better hydration. I use Therapy Spray which I spray over my arms and wrists before a race and I spray after a race to assist with tying up and ached and pain.

    JayCee Nienaber   Enduro Athlete
    JayCee Nienaber Enduro Athlete
  • I have been taking Fulvic supplements for the past 12 months due to severe debilitating back ache that has been affecting my life for the over 5 years. I have noticed that I have less muscle spasms, soreness and tenderness in my shoulder/back area since taking Fulvic. In fact, when I run out of the supplement I feel like the pain gets worse again. There is definitely something within this supplement that alleviates joint and muscular pain.

    Tanith Hawkings  Chiroprator
    Tanith Hawkings Chiroprator
  • I have suffered from a compromised Autoimmune System for 16 years. I have Thyroid Eye Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Throughout the years I have been on many drugs eg Cortisone, Methatrexate, Salazepyron and many others. The pain and discomfort was always there. My daughter, Caryn Pappalardo gave me bottle of Fulvic from Fulvic Health and the results have been amazing. My joint pain has all but disappeared and my whole body is feeling better. I also have a German Shepherd who has Fibrous Myopathy. Fulvic Enhanced™ has helped him in many ways and makes him feel comfortable. I also give it to a rescue Pekinese from a puppy mill and she is also looking much better.

    Sharon Ralston Auto-Immune Sufferer
    Sharon Ralston Auto-Immune Sufferer
  • I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know, that it is possible to recover, and come back with full force after 2 heart attacks. Like, many of you, I was skeptical but thought that I had nothing to lose by just trying the products. After a few months of taking only the Fulvic Renew and water, I started to train again, and taking part in races. I felt good, and was sleeping well. My body was on the mend, and I could feel the difference. So far this year (2015), I completed the Sani2C, and managed a 19th place overall on the Dual-X race and 3rd in my age category. I am getting stronger every day and am still only taking the Fulvic products. (Just so you know, I don't even take any vitamins). All I can say to you, is you can do it too, and in one year, you can come back from major health issues.

    Adrian Skinner  Cyclist
    Adrian Skinner Cyclist
  • FulvicExcel has changed my life since I started using it 2 years ago. I had a snapped Tendon and started taking the product after my surgery. It helped my healing and recover time. I found too that I getting stronger and able to move my arm quicker than expected. I love the absorption of the other supplements, which were sponsored by NPL. I suffered way less from tires legs after running and my competitiveness ran into the next level, which I attribute to my acid level decline and overall balance while on the product, which I still take. As a highly competitive athlete I continue to support Fulvic Health.

    Megan McCluckie
    Megan McCluckie
  • I’m taking the Excel myself now while training for the Argus and feel amazing!

    Heidi du Preez Nutritional Scientist
    Heidi du Preez Nutritional Scientist
  • High-Performance rankings continue in my SA Showjumping career. I have been using Fulvic Excel for myself and my horses for the past 7 years. All too often product after the product has fallen way short of the manufacturer claims. I have finally found a supplement that has managed to exceed my expectations and continually provides the benefits as promised. My horses are energetic without being over the top. Fewer aches and pains for both!

    Nicola Sime
    Nicola Sime
  • Callaho Con Coriano and Ray have been placed in every championship they have jumped in. He has jumped a few 1.4m classes and now they look forward to 1.5m next year. Con Coriano’s condition has never been better since he has been on FulvicExcel!

    Ray Korber
    Ray Korber
  • I absolutely love my Fulvic Enhanced Poultice, Therapy Spray and FulvicExcel for both me and my horses, they are an incredible support range of supplements that optimizes our performance, and the results speak for themselves.

    Siobhan Records
    Siobhan Records
  • Guess started on Fulvic Acid as soon as he was discharged from the Veterinary clinic.  It assisted in boosting his immune system, helping in weight gain and regaining the shine to his coat.

  • Fulvic Therapy Enhanced Spray – “Miracles” do happen….. We have a stallion that we have been struggling with for more than a year with be it mange or sweet itch – had the vet out on numerous occasions – various medications were injected and administered orally or topically – all providing short term relief and then the problem would reappear – it got so bad that he would bleed from the infected areas…… Well within a month of using Fulvic Therapy Enhanced Spray the problem seems to have been resolved – his mane is growing again, his tail area is looking super and he has stopped scratching himself against trees, poles, etc.

  • Fulvic has made a very notable difference in my sensitive mare. Not only has her condition improved(she shines like a bottle and holds weight so much better than before), she is feeling better than ever- in mind and body! She’s become more consistent performance-wise at shows. She feels stronger and happier!

  • The best product that I know since a while... I flew during years with TWYDIL in DRC but unfortunately, they didn't succeed to place the product here on the market..   And honestly, I find FULVIC one of the best product that I know..... I am a nurse for horses and so IN DRC I needed to help all the horses of competitions, the climatic conditions were so terrible and the food too..... So I am very happy to start to fly with FULVIC EXCEL.  

    Marie-Claude Turlot
    Marie-Claude Turlot
  • The value Fulvic Enhanced™ products have stood the test of time, a product originally recommended by our EarthEco Essentials has remained a steadfast daily supplement for both us as riders and as yard owners, we fully support what the product achieves.  “Nabab Forever” is a living example of the excellence shown with consistent supplementation, rising to his best records in holding the 6 bar record for so many years at his age. Horses feel the difference and perform the way they feel.

    Lorette Knowles Taylor
    Lorette Knowles Taylor


We are here to answer all your questions.


What is the Antioxidant Defence of Fulvic Acid?

During exercise, oxidants are produced which can cause damage to cells and tissues. These oxidants are actually produced by our own metabolism and, as sportspeople have a faster average metabolic rate than non-sports people, their requirements for anti-oxidants is higher. An oxidant is a very unstable molecule which basically wants to become stable again. To do this it has to ‘steal’ from other molecules which, if those molecules are not anti-oxidants, cause damage. The importance of preventing this is highlighted by the fact that in some circumstances, oxidants cab attack DNA. The complex structure fulvic acid makes it far more powerful an anti-oxidant than any other nutrient known.

Is this product regulated?

complementary or alternative medicines. Our complementary or alternative medicines has not yet been called up for evaluation by the Medicines Control Council however it has been submitted to the Medicines Control Council in …… under registry number……. Our product meets with the terms of the provisions of Regulations 8, 9 and 10 of the Medicines and Related Substances Act, 1965 for Category D and complies with the labelling requirements.

Where does Fulvic Acid come from?

As originated in nature, or through very high-quality processing and refining, fulvic acids are biologically active, low molecular weight (i.e., small molecules) derived from humates or fulvates. Regardless of the still unknown structure of humic substances and the great efforts to elucides, it is known that their major functional groups include carboxylic, phenolic, carbonyl, hydroxyl, amine, amide and aliphatic moieties, among others. Due to this polyfunctionality, humic substances are one of the most powerful chelating agents among natural organic substances. Natural organic colloids (humic and fulvic acids) are important because they form water-soluble complexes with many metals including radionuclides (Lubal et al. 1998, Lubal et al. 2000, Pacheco and Havel 2001, Ghabbour et al. 2001). The humic substances group can be divided into three components based on their solubility: fulvic acids, humic acids, and humin. Fulvic acids and humic acids represent alkalisoluble humus fragments and humin represents the insoluble residue. These organics may therefore be important as radionuclide transport agents through the environment. It is known that the presence of humic substances in natural waters can influence the uptake of radionuclides by natural solids and thus their migration to surface and ground waters (Bondietti 1982, Samanidou et al. 1991). Ion-exchange materials based on calcium humate were found suitable for the removal of such heavy metals as iron, nickel, mercury, cadmium and Peňa-Méndez et al.: Humic substances.

Explain Fulvic Acid and Iron Toxicity

Essential trace elements are “essential” only when used in trace amounts. When used in excess they become toxic. The same is true with “major” elements such as iron. As an electrolyte, Fulvic Acid increases the permeability of cell membranes. Excesses of certain minerals can interfere with absorption of other minerals.

Who needs Humic Acid?

Virtually all persons from age 18-20 years have body up intoxicated – in some way – with heavy metals (especially mercury, lead and cadmium). But humic acid / fulvic is absolutely necessary especially for all those who suffer from or are susceptible to myocardial infarction, heart attack, strokes, hypertension, impotence, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, varicose veins, osteoporosis, mental fatigue, arthritis, rheumatism.

As we age cholesterol, heavy metals and calcium accumulates on the inner walls of the circulatory system. These deposits are diagnosed under different names: ateroscleorza, hardening of the arteries, arteriosclerosis, etc… Over time, these deposits partially or totally obstructing blood flow. Tissues internal organs do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients leading to malfunction or cease functioning organ. If root is then heart infarction or heart attack occurs if the root is the brain stroke occurs, but only affected organs are the heart and brain. Other organs such as liver, kidneys, sex organs and so on, are affected equally.


Fulvic Health has never had a complaint that the product goes “mouldy”, why?

Soluble humic acid is available as either potassium humates or sodium humates (i.e. humic acid is only soluble in an alkaline base). Sodium humates are preferable for animals as sodium is an important inorganic electrolyte for animal health and good levels should be maintained at all times. We use Sodium humates and it is dried and packed to guarantee shelf life.  Once the bag is opened the product should not have any exposure to water or sunlight. The bag should be re-sealed especially if in a moist room and the bucket closed in between use.

Can the product assist with respiratory symptoms around inflammation, coughing and allergic responses?

Traditional views of most equine respiratory disease is to reduce the inflammatory response of the body. It’s important to support your horse’s immune system. Also be aware of contagious or viral concerns in the area. If your horse is kept at a barn with other horses that travel, staying aware of their health is in the best interest of your horse’s well-being. . A horse coughing, experiencing heaves, or any other equine respiratory concern is a sign of the state of the horse’s health. The trigger could be from a compromised immune system, out of balance GI tract, past emotion within the body, environmental stress, or a lifestyle routine that’s out of alignment with the horse’s design. The symptoms of inflammation, coughing and asthma are much better alleviated with the use of Fulvic nad Humic Acids. Ref  Jingrong Chen et al, jiangxi humic acid, 2 (1984) Humic Extracts, especially Fulvic Acid, when administered orally are proven to regulate the immune system as powerful immune modulators and to work as potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. You need at least three months to see the full potential of supplementation.

What can Fulvic Enhanced™ Poultice be successfully used for?
  • Treat open wounds
  • Treat from a boot rub to a large laceration
  • Heal burns with minimum pain or scarring
  • Eliminate discolouration due to skin bruises
  • Act as a wide spectrum anti-microbial fungicide
  • Treat rashes and skin irritations
  • Help to heal cuts and abrasions
  • Help heal insect bites, spider bites and snake bites
  • Neutralize poison
  • Muscular pain relief has been experienced as well
How can our product improve the immunity of a horse or animal?

Studies reveal that Humic acid dilates a healthy cell so it is permeable and can be entered by its partner, Fulvic acid. Once Humic acid finds a virus, it blocks it, preventing it from attacking a healthy cell and alerting the immune system of the invader. Once the virus is prohibited from reproducing, the body can focus on getting rid of the virus even before illness is exhibited in the horse. As there is indication of discriminate stimulation of “good” microbes while suppressing the “bad” this is a big plus for over-acid horses, such as is common with EPM (Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis), an environmental parasitic disease syndrome. Humic acid is also known to attack virus-laden cells. Immuno-compromised EPM horses can benefit from our unique formulation by regulating the immune system.

What the Fulvic Renew best used for?

We highly recommend this product for Foals from as early as first weaned. Additionally, horses with decreased gastrointestinal motility or senior horses that have difficulty digesting and absorbing feed benefit a great deal from continued supplementation.  Also beneficial for horses with dentition problems due to reduction in nutrient absorption.  The product may improve body condition, coat, age-related muscle loss, slackening connective tissue, malnutrition and has already proven itself in our market as an incredible product which is kinder on the budget when times are tough.  Detoxification is the pre-eminent consideration in a proactive health approach, this product is a detoxifier. Highly recommend after infection, changing feeds or stressful times. We often recommend Fulvic Renew in the morning feed as the mineral needed and Moringa in the afternoon feed as the Vitamin need. Excellent in breeding environments.

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