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Noxmaria Wound Wash


Noxmaria is a revolutionary wound wash product that has been formulated with the purest form of HOCl in order to ensure that every patient receives the best possible wound wash solution at an affordable price.

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Noxmaria Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is a naturally occurring oxidant that is produced by white blood cells within the human body and it acts as the main ingredient used by our immune systems (phagocytes) to destroy disease-forming pathogens.

May use on any infective skin condition such as bacterial, fungal, and viral. These include but are not limited to athletes’ foot, foot fungus, face rash, acne, nappy rash, umbilical cord infection, furuncle, sore throat, eye infections (bacterial and viral), open sores, chronic leg ulcers, burns, cuts and abrasions, gingivitis (gum disease), acne, rosacea, chronic nail fungal infections, eye styes.  Proven to be highly effective on burns. It’s a go to first aid in your pocket.

Noxmaria is intended for cleansing, irrigating, debriding, and removing foreign material including microorganisms from:
– Acute and chronic dermal lesions
– Stage I-IV pressure ulcers
– Stasis Ulcers
– Diabetic Ulcers
– Post-surgical Wounds
– First and second-degree burns
– Abrasions and minor irritations of the skin
– Grafted and donor sites
– Exit sites
– Trauma Wounds


Hypochlorous Acid 180-220 ppm


Spray onto the effected area. Do not remove the spray pump. Store at room temperature.


Noxmaria has no side effects. Noxmaria has a shelf life of 18 months unopened.