Fulvic increase oxygenation and energy production, why is this important?

Oxygenating the cell is vital because it enhances energy production.

The term “fulvic acid” is not new. The term originated approximately 200 years ago and has been used ever since, mainly because an acidic agent was originally introduced into the humic solution causing the humic components to separate (as described above). Such acid extraction method is still in use by some processors; however, WE DO NOT USE ANY MANNER OF ACID EXTRACTION during any part of our processing procedures.


There are also other gut biology effects associated with humic acid. These ubiquitous organic acids can assist the breakdown of both the carbohydrate and protein components of bacteria and virus particles while supporting the proliferation of beneficial probiotic species.

What cancer research has been done of Fulvic Acid?

Humic substances offer hope for those suffering from chronic and latent viral infections.

“Medical Aspects and applications of Humic Substances: Regarding the anti-viral activity of Humic Sub stances April 9 2012Prof Renate Klocking and Dr rer.nat.Bjorn Helbig, Institure for Antiviral Chemotherpay, Friedberich University, Jena, Germany www.humicnews.com)

How does Fulvic act in Cellular Nutrition?

Each cell when properly nourished is capable of producing its own amino acids, enzymes and other factors necessary for all metabolic processes. Each cell maintains itself, burns its own energy, creates its own proteins, manufactures its own enzymes and duplicates itself. It is therefore important to understand that the total metabolism of the body is the sum total of metabolic operations which is carried on in each individual cell. The nutritional building blocks of these cells may then be considered as maintenance nutrients. These maintenance nutrients must be supplied to the body continually, they are amino acids, major and trace minerals, vitamins and other nutritional factors. The human body can only produce 8 of the amino acids in the body and only one vitamin. It should be noted that vitamins cannot complete their function in the cell’s metabolism without the presence of certain minerals. This is where Fulvic Acid makes the difference as it chelated and binds scores of minerals into bio-available form to be used by the cells, it also is known as an efficient transporter of vitamins into the cell.

How does Fulvic act as a Nutrient Enhancer?

Scientists have found that Fulvic Acid makes nutrients more available from the food ingested and thus corrects deficiencies quickly and safely. Fulvic acts as a vehicle that carries nutrient. When minerals ad trace elements from feed sources come into contact with Fulvic Acid, they are dissolved into a form that makes them more active and available to the body by acting as a catalyst. A catalyst is a compound that facilitates a chemical reaction. Fulvic is often referred to as “nature’s miracle molecule”.

Explain Fulvic Acid and Iron Toxicity

Essential trace elements are “essential” only when used in trace amounts. When used in excess they become toxic. The same is true with “major” elements such as iron. As an electrolyte, Fulvic Acid increases the permeability of cell membranes. Excesses of certain minerals can interfere with absorption of other minerals.

Can the product change in colour and does it smell?

Complexed into the Fulvic, nucleic and amino acid team are innumerable and essential minerals and rare earth elements. They are amorphous high molecular weight substances. They are not manufactured and they are natural compounds-micro and macronutrients from plants, phytochemicals. They are concentrated and transformed and are rock like, inert or fossilized. From yellow to brown to dark coloured they remain truly organic. They also contain silica as a part of their excipients. The flavonoid structure comes entirely from microbial action on ancient plant deposits. They contain sodium, ammonium or potassium humates are highly hygroscopic.  They will therefore never have the same colour. The uroeza of ammonium chloride, which assists with increased elimination of toxins and to prevent kidney stones or bladder may give the product a slight smell upon opening the container.

It is often believed that young school going athletes may not need supplementation. Is this a wise decision?

Youngsters need protein for maintenance and growth of muscle tissue. Exercise may increase the rate of muscle deposition, thus increasing the protein demand in young, exercising athletes is needed for maintenance and normal growth. Proteins are large compounds made of individual amino acids. Several of the amino acids necessary for muscle deposition cannot be synthesized by the body, and they must be supplied by the diet. As such, the balance of these amino acids or protein quality is an important consideration for exercising diets. Fulvic and Humic acids provide essential organic minerals such as selenium, copper, zinc, iron and substances, within the safety limits as prescribed by the Medicines Control Council, that provide ideal bone, muscle, cartilage and growth as well as essential “Amino Acids” and Enzymes. Don’t overlook our start-up maintenance blend, Fulvic Renew, which provides excellent growth stimulating effects. Fulvic acids become individually unique molecules or multi-mineral compounds that plants, and animals, and humans absorb, assimilate and utilize to support growth and health. (Reference: www.doctorsacross borders.mu/fulvic acid)

Is this product regulated?

complementary or alternative medicines. Our complementary or alternative medicines has not yet been called up for evaluation by the Medicines Control Council however it has been submitted to the Medicines Control Council in …… under registry number……. Our product meets with the terms of the provisions of Regulations 8, 9 and 10 of the Medicines and Related Substances Act, 1965 for Category D and complies with the labelling requirements.

Different ailments in which Fulvic Acid would be beneficial

Fibromyalgia, is a syndrome rather than a specific disease. As such there are a complex of symptoms which may or may not be present in any particular clinical instance of fibromyalgia. The most common symptoms, however, can all be helped by fulvic acid complexes as fulvic acid has been shown to be effective in reducing muscle and joint pain, improving sleep, and decreasing fatigue. Generalized muscle stiffness should also be reduced


Scientists found that fulvic acids show significant success in preventing and combating free radical damage to pancreatic islet B cells, which is the widely accepted cause for diabetes mellitus. What they discovered was that the Fulvic acid preparation significantly increases superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity. Their clinical studies show that fulvic acids diminish the development and progression of diabetes, and assisted in the treatment.

Bhattacharya, S.K. Activity of shilajit on alloxan-induced hyperglycemia in rats. Fitoterapia, Volume LXVI, No 4, 1995, pg. 328.

An obscure and highly technical U.S. Government report shows that there is a direct correlation between natural soil substances (humus, humic, fulvic) and the absence of tuberculosis in humans. This report and many other studies reveal that certain humic extracts, particularly fulvic acids, contain a magnificently powerful spectrum of natural micronutrients, phytochemicals, anti-viral and antibiotic-like agents that directly inhibit and destroy disease pathogens, while fortifying and regulating the immune system, increasing overall health. In the report, these extracts, although undetermined at that time, are described as being as potent as penicillin in equally small amounts.