Youngsters need protein for maintenance and growth of muscle tissue. Exercise may increase the rate of muscle deposition, thus increasing the protein demand in young, exercising athletes is needed for maintenance and normal growth. Proteins are large compounds made of individual amino acids. Several of the amino acids necessary for muscle deposition cannot be synthesized by the body, and they must be supplied by the diet. As such, the balance of these amino acids or protein quality is an important consideration for exercising diets. Fulvic and Humic acids provide essential organic minerals such as selenium, copper, zinc, iron and substances, within the safety limits as prescribed by the Medicines Control Council, that provide ideal bone, muscle, cartilage and growth as well as essential “Amino Acids” and Enzymes. Don’t overlook our start-up maintenance blend, Fulvic Renew, which provides excellent growth stimulating effects. Fulvic acids become individually unique molecules or multi-mineral compounds that plants, and animals, and humans absorb, assimilate and utilize to support growth and health. (Reference: www.doctorsacross acid)