Why Phytexponent will kill Novel corona virus

Novel corona virus (2019- nCoV for short ) is a single stranded RNA virus which can cause multiple diseases in human and animals including Respiratory diseases, Gastrointestinal diseases, Neurological diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome(MERS). Can be inactivated by 56 degree of centigrade for half an hour and lipid solvent such as Ethanol 75%, chlorine containing disinfectant, parasitic acid and chloroform

(Reference: “National Health commission and China Heath Education Centre `Health Education Manual for Novel Corona virus Pneumonia Control’, National Heath Commission and National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.’ Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol of Novel Corona virus Pneumonia Infection”(Fifth Edition for Trial implementation)

Clinical presentations are Fever, Fatigue, Dry cough, Nasal congestion, Runny nose, Diarrhea and when severe Hypothermia, Metabolic acidosis, Septic Shock, Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Disseminated intravascular Coagulopathy.

The disease can cause Death commonly to Elderly and those with chronic underlying conditions.

Incubation period is one day to two weeks but mostly is three days to one week.

At present, there are no available vaccines to prevent or Drugs to treat 2019-nCoronavirus.

The best way to prevent infection is to Avoid Exposure to the Virus.

Can PhytExponent Cure 2019n-Coronavirus?

Not yet proven but if Given a Chance as a trial I believe it can prove by giving tremendous wonders to the World hence I have been observing miracles to various viral infectious disease to patients who have been taking this product which is regarded as herbal medicine, Complimentary medicine or food Supplement depending on country of registration (Law of the registered country).It is registered in many countries with the mentioned statuses.

Phyt Exponent is manufactured in Belgium by a Luxemburg company Pharmapath SARL

Phyt Exponent has the following ingredients:

  1. Echicanacea purpurea which is antiviral and immune modulatory stimulant. It is important in the Elevation of Reproduction of T-helper cells and the activation of NK cell activity, the enhancement of B-cell response to sRBC, increased T-cell proliferation in response to mitogens, and increased production of some T-cell cytokines. (7)
  2. Allium sativa – Antiviral, Antibacterial, anthelminthic and immune enhancing antiphlogistic. Garlic as an herbal medicine or its different bioactive molecules and formulations have been extensively probed in in vitro/in vivo animal models to examine its anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. One of the main mechanisms observed is through modulation of cytokine profiles and, on the other hand, direct stimulation of immune cells.(8)
  3. Triticum repens and Matricaria chamomilla are for initiation of the immunostimulant properties of macrocytes, activation of immunoregulation cells of peripheral blood and increased sensitivity of effector cells to Helper signals, it is also anti-allergenic
  4. Viola tricolor – Anti oxidant reducing inflammation and oxidation. Also it contains Salicylic Acid which triggers the patented improved absorption technology from Dr. E Verhaeren ( EP 0938 338 B1 ) and increase Energy of the immunity to fight and survive against any virus or bacteria
  5. Noteworthy components
    The plant formulation in Phyt Exponent is responsible for the presence among others of different minerals and vitamins. Some of them have scientific studies as they have important contribution to a healthy and good functioning immune system.

Vitamin C: contributes to immune defense by supporting various cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune system.

Selenium: is involved in regulating oxidative stress, redox, and other crucial cellular processes in nearly all tissues and cell types, including those involved in innate and adaptive immune responses (1-3) Se-deficiency leads to increased host-susceptibility in most cases. High Se levels may be beneficial to host, particularly for HIV-1, which itself appears to affect host Se status. ( 4-5)

Zinc: Zinc is known to play a central role in the immune system, and zinc-deficient persons experience increased susceptibility to a variety of pathogens. The immunologic mechanisms whereby zinc modulates increased susceptibility to infection have been studied for several decades. It is clear that zinc affects multiple aspects of the immune system, from the barrier of the skin to gene regulation within lymphocytes. Zinc is crucial for normal development and function of cells mediating nonspecific immunity such as neutrophils and natural killer cells. Zinc deficiency also affects development of acquired immunity by preventing both the outgrowth and certain functions of T lymphocytes such as activation, Th1 cytokine production, and B lymphocyte help. Likewise, B lymphocyte development and antibody production, particularly immunoglobulin G, is compromised. The macrophage, a pivotal cell in many immunologic functions, is adversely affected by zinc deficiency, which can dysregulate intracellular killing, cytokine production, and phagocytosis. The effects of zinc on these key immunologic mediators is rooted in the myriad roles for zinc in basic cellular functions such as DNA replication, RNA transcription, cell division, and cell activation. Apoptosis is potentiated by zinc deficiency. Zinc also functions as an antioxidant and can stabilize membranes (6)

It contains62%v/v as preservative but has no side effects.

Due to the combined properties as Antiviral, Antibacterial, Anti-Oxidant, Anthelminthic and immune enhancing Antiphlogistic, due to its ability of stimulation of macrocytes and serve as activator of immunoregulator of peripheral blood cells by increasing its sensitivity to Helper cell signals, and its ability to the stimulation of production of T helper Cells, It is my firm conviction Phytexponent can help the body to survive against the Novel Corona Virus, the RNA virus which cannot mutate. Because Phytexponent has shown good outcome to HIV virus if taken with ART, it can lower rapidly the viral load to non-detectable and reduces the chances of infecting non infected individuals of the community (Remember HIV virus can mutate and is very clever virus).

Phytexponent has shown excellent outcome to Hepatitis B virus to the infected individual who are taking this product. They become non detectable after few months after initiating Phyt Exponent

Patients are relieved of the Symptoms of Dengue fever in 3 to seven days once taking Phytexponent and prevents the patient to undergo Dengue hemorrhagic fever.

For the same reason I don’t have to worry about Novel Corona virus provided that other accompanied symptoms are treated, and patient given phyt Exponent the world will be safe, and the economy will resume to normal.


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