Without an adequate amount of digestive enzymes, food is not digested properly and can become impacted and then putrefy. Bacteria, yeast, and fungus thrive in this environment and excrete toxins. All of these toxins from putrefied food and microbial secretions are absorbed back into the body as it tries to absorb missing vitamins and minerals, as well as water when we are not properly hydrated. Humic acid also provides intestinal cells with much-needed nutrients and helps to support a beneficial environment so cells can function at their best. Most importantly, it provides the building blocks for the production of digestive enzymes. Humic acid also provides much-needed fibre that is missing in most diets. Humic acid is among the best fibre supplements anyone can take. Additionally, humic acid helps create a healthy microbial balance by supporting “good bacteria” with plant-based nutrition. It can also help eliminate candida, viruses, and other types of problematic microbes from the intestinal tract.
Important note: When starting a supplement containing concentrated humic acid, it is important to do so slowly. Humic acid is a powerful detoxifier, and intestinal detoxification symptoms are common if started too quickly. Most practitioners and dieticians are aware of this and will advise you to start slowly.