Fulvic may come as a water-soluble substance either in liquid form or in the form of sodium, potassium or ammonium humates as salt derivatives. The biological effects of humic substances can be different, depending on their chemical structure and physicochemical properties and the Quinone functional group of Fulvic acid. Chemical composition, structure, and functional groups can vary greatly, depending on the origin and age of the humic substance and the conditions of the humification process (humidity, aeration, temperature, mineral microenvironment. Fulvic Health Pty manufacture a product that is made with the highest quality of over 690 identified scientific carbon atom excipients in a salt derivative. In over 0 years of research it has been established that no laboratory in SA has the ability to stabilise a liquid form of Fulvic to ensure safety and stability. Due to the “concentration of a liquid source”, suppliers mostly add Potassium Chloride, a chemical preservative that is unhealthy to the body (in high amounts can even stop a person’s heart) in order to preserve it before bottling or a type of fungus will start growing in the bottles. Fulvic Acids derived from coal contain high concentrations of heavy metals including aluminium, mercury, cadmium, chromium and lead that are harmful to humans and should be avoided in pharmaceutical preparations. Ref: us Patent Office Dec 7 2011 Chinese application 200980128246.4 Cronje et al April 1993