Digestive enzymes are complex proteins involved in digestion that stimulate chemical changes in other substances. Digestive enzymes help break down these complex sugars into simple sugars that are more easily digestible. Nutrition in animals relies on digestive enzymes. Different enzymes have different functions. Therefore you get the benefit of a product that has plant-derived enzymes as in Fulvic and Humic Acid, as well as Bromelain which is a mixture of sulfur-containing protein-digesting enzymes, called proteolytic enzymes or proteases, and lastly, Papain which hydrolyzes proteins to form oligopeptides and amino acids and protein digesting properties. Digestive enzymes purpose is to break down components of food so that they can be taken up by the organism. Enzymes are necessary within biological cells because most chemical reactions required by the cell would occur too slowly to sustain life. Enzymes are essential to living organisms.