Your horse’s best chance of overcoming this hoof disease might lie in your ability to catch it early. Everyone talks about laminitis being a lameness issue, but we know that horses start to get damage at a microscopic level before they show any lameness. Therefore, keeping your horse’s health is key to maximizing likelihood of recovery. Supplementing with our product can prevent or help you catch this devastating hoof disease while your horse still has a chance to avoid suffering its consequences. Long term administration has shown healthy hooves which grow faster in the dorsal (front) part of the hoof and slower in the quarters. A wide and smooth and evenly spaced growth rings across the front of the hoof wall that curve downward at the quarters toward the heels it noted. With laminitis, that growth pattern no longer applies; the horse develops wider growth rings at the heel than at the toe (because growth has been compromised at the toe—where most of the damage has occurred—more severely than at the heels).  Insulin, a normal hormone released in the body to regulate blood sugar, activates a particular growth factor (IGF-1) in the laminae, causing them to grow. Our product assists with insulin resistance and obesity. Our product assists in prevention of systemic inflammatory responses which can trigger laminitis.  Laminitis starts at a microscopic level well before actual lameness sets in. Laminitis is all about ameliorating or halting the progression and if it’s very early and quite mild then you can go on to have a horse with no functional disruption. You need to take action and try Fulvic Renew as a start.