Exercise may increase the rate of muscle deposition, thus increasing the protein demand in young, exercising horses. (10 to 20 percent above amounts needed for maintenance and normal growth).  Several of the amino acids necessary for muscle deposition cannot be synthesized by the horse’s body, and they must be supplied by the diet.  As such, the balance of these amino acids or protein quality is an important consideration for exercising horse diets. Energy is a natural response while supplementing with Fulvic Enhanced products without making the horse hot.  FULVIC EXCEL ™ has a natural amino acid profile that is not listed on the label. The Fulvic and Humic Acid, as well as additional ingredients, will assist to provide all necessary components for structural improvement of muscle, tendon and joint stability. FULVIC EXCEL™ offers stress management, immune system, anti-inflammatory activity, antiviral properties.  So, if your horse is in competitive sport and travelling and subject to extremes of heat or cold, it needs additional support for quicker recovery after exercise.  You must especially use this blend if your horse has suffered from an injury and suffers with recurring flare-ups.