A review of the Equine testing indicates a lack of side effects from the ingestion of Fulvic Enhanced ™. Dr SS De Kock Laboratory Director of the National Horse Racing Authority conducted a full analysis on blood and urine and indicated in the analysis that the specimens contained no substances which exceed allowed levels and also did not contain any other substances considered prohibited. An additional review done over a period of 2 years on sponsored product provided by Fulvic Health Pty Ltd confirmed the safety of this product for use as an oral multi-mineral electrolyte supplement. The safety in both the short-term and long-term use of the animals I treated is considered adequate and applicable to horses from colt/filly to mare/gelding/stallion, as is implied the same mechanism of action that is seen to occur in both animal and human studies. The substance tested complied with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) methods, was received in a tamper proof secure container. In a preliminary test, the dosage was given a suggested dosage. The oral acute toxicity study testing done over a period of 2 years shows no toxicity. All animals tested were continuously observed for six hours initially after the treatment and then three times a day during the post treatment. Results of the testing indicate that Fulvic Enhanced ™ caused no toxic symptom or lethality during a the treatment observation period at the maximal tolerable dose (MTD) administered within 24 hours which was 50 ml per day and often up to 2 x 50 ml dose per day during endurance activity, thus providing a base of evidence that this product is non-toxic in applicable physiological doses.