This “Wide Spectrum” substance acts as the transcellular transporter of almost any nutrient or mineral. Humates (Fulvic and Humic Acid) are hydrocarbons and contain aromatic and heterocyclic structures, carboxyl groups, and nitrogen. They possess many active hydrogen bonding sites making them very chemically reactive. Minerals such as copper, manganese and zinc found in Fulvic Acid are important for normal cartilage and connective tissue formation as well as having a well developed immune system. The ability to inhibit inflammation is believed to be related to the flavonoid groups contained therein. Absorption shows to be more intensive and dynamic compared to pure physical adsorbents. Immunological effects are increasingly present. Fulvic acid is unique in its chelation ability as it captures life essential minerals and places an electrical charge on them for ready uptake by the organism. Toxic metals are also chelated, but are neutrally charged and have difficulty in entering a living organism.