An Electrolyte is an element or compound that, when melted or dissolved in water or other solvent, dissociates into ions and is able to conduct an electric current. Electrolytes do differ in their concentrations in blood plasma, interstitial fluid and cellular fluid and do affect the movement of substances between those compartments. Proper quantities of Poly-electrolytes (many electrolytes) and a balance among them are critical to normal metabolism and cellular function, this is why Fulvic Acid is so powerful. There are approximately 10 poly-electrolytes required to survive; however, as many as 60 or more are essential for optimum health, energy, strength, stamina and recovery. Certain acute and/or chronic diseases, conditions and medications may lead to a deficiency of one or more poly-electrolytes as well as an imbalance among them all. Diarrhoea may cause a loss of poly-electrolytes, leading to hypovolemia (massive blood loss).