Humates exist in many locations around the world, but vary in composition. They are hydrocarbons and contain aromatic and heterocyclic structures, carboxyl groups, carboxyl groups, and nitrogen and oxygen. They contain fragments of DNA, RNA and possess many active hydrogen bonding sites making them very chemically reactive. The Chinese, have been utilising sodium humates in the animal feed industry for over 25 years and they are passionate about the many benefits. Fulvic Health hold manufacturing rights under a proprietary blend including a Fulvic blend containing over 660 Carbon Atom bonds.  (This Vitrinistic Report is available from Fulvic Health) and we hold patent rights 2011/201567 in Class 5 : Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Preparations and Class 35: Business Services, Research and Information, Import-Export Agencies in relation to veterinary and pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements of all kinds. In recent years the interest in the use of humic substances has increased. Nowadays, humic substances are used in agriculture, industry, environmental and bio-medicine in many parts of the world.