Since humic substances have existed in nature well before human existence, research continues today to determine if humic substances pose a threat to human health. Humic acid has been used in ethnic medicine for thousands of years, and traces of humic acid used to occur naturally in all our food and water. But our modern agriculture has killed the soil microbes that create it and now, like a baby with the bath water, it is filtered out of the water we drink. Locally, from 1998 the department of Immunology at UP did collaborative research into the medical properties if humic and fulvic acid. A research team led by Professor Connie Medlen, an immunologist did a series of in vitro and animals tests. The test results showed that humic acid has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral effects. E.g. Joon′e et al.2001, 2003: van rensburg et al. 2002. Other dissertations done of our ingredient have been done at the Pharmacology department which has assisted with our recommended use. FvA has been shown to increase absorption of nutrients and drugs and therefore we recommend that the product is nt taken concurrently with other medication but to take up to 2 hours before medication for maximum absorption rate.