Dermal, oral or subcutaneous application of Humic Acids leads to the inhibitory effects on inflammation and this is directly related to the flavonoid groups contained in the Humic Acid. It can act as an anti-inflammatory by reducing the release of pro-inflammatory mediators from cells. It is mixture of polyphenolic acid compounds and is an interesting phytochemical with a neuroprotective effect. As an antioxidant it is a powerful plant compound that can help neutralize foreign agents and free radicals. It modulates the immune system.  Ours is not a highly processed and refined feed additive that reduces the antioxidants that should occur naturally in a horse’s native diet. As an antioxidant, acting alone or in conjunction with other proven ingredients, it is unrivalled in its ability as a “free-radical” scavenger. Acting at times as an acceptor, and at other times as a donor (depending upon need), Fulvic acid helps to create balance.