Outside of clean water, adequate pasture and/or hay, and the amount of concentrate required for your horse’s level of activity or growth, the best recommended supplement for free choice salt is within a Fulvic Acid complex of Sodium. EG: The risk with salt licks is that a stalled horse may consume salt out of boredom, leading to an increased water consumption and subsequent increased urine excretion. Our Trace minerals are those required in very small amounts by the animal in contrast to macro-minerals which are required in larger amounts. It is vital to provide trace mineral salt free-choice to horses that live in hot and humid climates and/or are worked hard. In their sweat, horses will lose electrolytes; they must be replaced by eating additional dietary salt.  The need for additional minerals in rations formulated for exercising horses is largely related to the increased mineral loss through sweat. Sweat contains appreciable amounts of sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium. As such, recommendations call for increases in these minerals for horses in environments or exercise conditions which promote sweating. Fulvic Enhanced™ has undergone specific analysis study to show that all these elements are found in our product and within the minimum safety levels.