Fulvic Health do not do comparisons on other supplements on the market.  We provide the consumer with information on our product and we try educate our buyer on the fact that in the presence of Fulvic- every other ingredient becomes more effective, assimilation and powerful as it binds and carries the other ingredients and nutrients through a higher molecular level. Most importantly is that you understand that Fulvic is not easily stabilised into a liquid form and most of the chemical bonds are lost. We do not market any peat-based products.

When looking for a supplement, look for one that uses a balanced source of amino acids (building blocks of protein) to promote muscle growth. Our blend contains all essential Amino Acids, naturally chelated and ready for uptake.

We have undergone full registration process of our product and look forward to further expansion in 2014. We confirm that we do not supply our product to any retail outlet as yet, however, we continue to grow through our network of Physiotherapists and specialists in their field. We may not have an agent in your immediate area and therefore we would send product to you at our own cost.


The functional groups within the Fulvic acid spectrum that were also shown responsible for the protective, regenerative, and healing responses of cells. This is our strongest claim made! The product was developed in order to assist with anyone injured or recovering or looking to prevent an injury!

Sulfur, an ingredient in our Fulvic Blend, is necessary in the body however some people may be allergic.

“Wide Spectrum” substance that makes it possible to act as the transcellular transporter

of almost any nutrient or mineral.  This is why Fulvic is so unique!