Humic acid / fulvic viruses attack “and dressing”, so prevent them attach to healthy cells and multiply. Viruses contain a protein-receptor that – in the absence of humic acid / fulvic – keeps them attached to the healthy cells.┬áThis protein encapsulates the virus making it resistant to attacks from the immune system. When humic acid / fulvic dress finds a virus in a substance that not only prevent the virus to attach to healthy cells but also send a signal to the immune system, alerting him about this “invader”.┬áVulnerable due to shell Humic / Fulvic, this time the virus is not only spotted but annihilated the immune system. As shown in Klocking experience and Sprossig edition, 1972, vol.28 paragraph 5, “Medical studies show that respiratory difficulties common in children are readily resolved with humic acid supplementation / fulvic”.┬áBecause of these positive results, a valuable addition to taking this supplement would be on a specific diet flu season, with the necessary vitamins to strengthen the immune system.