Each cell when properly nourished is capable of producing their own amino acids, enzymes and other factors necessary for all metabolic processes. Each cell maintains itself, burns its own energy, creates its own proteins, manufactures its own enzymes and duplicates itself. It is therefore important to understand that the total metabolism of the body is the sum total of metabolic operations which is carried on in each individual cell. The nutritional building blocks of these cells may then be considered as maintenance nutrients. These maintenance nutrients must be supplied to the body continually; they are amino acids, major and trace minerals, vitamins and other nutritional factors. The human body can only produce 8 of the amino acids in their body and only one vitamin. It should be noted that vitamins cannot complete their function in the cells’ metabolism without the presence of certain minerals. This is where Fulvic Acid makes the difference as it chelated and binds scores of minerals into bio-available form to be used by the cells, it also is known as an efficient transporter of vitamins into the cell.