Traditional views of most equine respiratory disease is to reduce the inflammatory response of the body. It’s important to support your horse’s immune system. Also be aware of contagious or viral concerns in the area. If your horse is kept at a barn with other horses that travel, staying aware of their health is in the best interest of your horse’s well-being. . A horse coughing, experiencing heaves, or any other equine respiratory concern is a sign of the state of the horse’s health. The trigger could be from a compromised immune system, out of balance GI tract, past emotion within the body, environmental stress, or a lifestyle routine that’s out of alignment with the horse’s design. The symptoms of inflammation, coughing and asthma are much better alleviated with the use of Fulvic nad Humic Acids. Ref  Jingrong Chen et al, jiangxi humic acid, 2 (1984) Humic Extracts, especially Fulvic Acid, when administered orally are proven to regulate the immune system as powerful immune modulators and to work as potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. You need at least three months to see the full potential of supplementation.