YES! Unless your doctor specifically prohibits you from taking it. Fulvic and Humic are also known for their abilities to support the body in detoxification, removal of heavy metals, and reducing harmful side-effects of radiation treatment. If you are on chemotherapy or receiving radiation treatments remember to consult with your doctor before taking Fulvic. Keep in mind that many doctors have no knowledge at all about fulvic or humic. You may want to print the Fulvic Acid Report and some of the other educational documents that we have available on this Web site and present them to your doctor to read. Your doctor may very well be grateful that you did. (We have several [happy] customers that are doctors that had not heard about fulvic and humic minerals and when they read the reports about fulvic and humic minerals they began taking Fulvic & Humic themselves as well as providing it to their patients with good results.