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Fulvic Enhanced Poultice

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For external application of humic and fulvic acids based on their use as antiphlogistic (anti-inflammatory), analgesic (pain relieving), hyperemic (blood flow increasing), healing, anti-rheumatic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-cancer agents.

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The Fulvic Enhancedâ„¢ dry powder poultice is successfully used to:

  • Treat open wounds
  • Treat from a boot rub to a large laceration
  • Heal burns with minimum pain or scarring
  • Act as a wide spectrum anti-microbial and fungicide
  • Treat rashes and skin irritations
  • Help to heal cuts and abrasions
  • Help heal insect bites, spider bites and snake bites
  • Neutralize poison
  • Muscular pain relief has been experienced as well

Humic and Fulvic acids have also been used externally in the treatment of hematoma (localized accumulation of blood), phlebitis (inflammation of veins), desmorrhexis (rupture of a ligament), and myogelosis (hardening of a muscle), as well as for the treatment of patients with contusions, distortions, cervical (neck) complaints, lumbago (pain in the lower back), ischias (pelvic pain in the hip joint), arthrosis (non-inflammatory arthritis), polyarthritis (arthritis of multiple joints), osteoarthritis (arthrosis deformans), and with osteochondrosis (ossification of cartilage).

This product brings more blood into the affected area to assist with speeded healing, granulation and less scarring. It has been noted that even the ugliest wound will heal quickly with little visible scarring and the wound will have hair growth, with the use of Poultice combined with Therapy Spray.


Fulvic Poultice provides a powerful wet poultice to apply directly into open gashes, cuts and wounds to prevent bleeding and infection. Best applied with Fulvic Enhanced â„¢ Therapy Spray or water.


Being bio-available to the body, there are no allergic reactions. The combination of ingredients absorbs toxic materials from the skin this perfect for snake, insect and spider bites.

Will bring more blood into the affected area to assist with speeded healing, granulation and less scarring.

Fulvic Enhanced Poultice

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