B Wellness Collagen Creamer

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Bovine Collagen Creamer

B.GLOW is our delicious collagen creamer. A Type 1, Bovine Halal-friendly, collagen peptides that takes a step out of your morning whilst adding a tasty treat to your self-care routine. Our special collagen creamer formula does not denaturalize when added to heat so, your morning coffee will do more than just wake you up, it’ll add a boost of collagen too! Collagen is a vital form of protein, making up 30% of the body’s protein content, it essentially forms the glue holding our cells together. 

B.GLOW can easily be added to your coffee or, if you’re feeling hungry, scoop some into your shakes, smoothies, cereal or even your yoghurt!

Key Benefits

• Skin elasticity and anti-ageing
• Glowing radiant skin
• Hair and nail growth
• Healthy gut
• Healthy joints

Suggested use

10g per serving
(2 heaped teaspoons)

1. Brew your coffee in the usual fashion.
2. Measure serving of collagen protein.
3. Gently stir the powder into your coffee until it’s fully dissolved.

Add this product to:
Protein shakes, smoothies, protein pancakes, flapjacks.