Why is the organic development with Fulvic Acid so important?

The physical health of all organisms, both plant and animal, can be expressed in terms of electrical potential. It is essential that the electrolytic potential is maintained at optimal level, otherwise weakness, disease etc occurs. Fulvic Acid has proven to be one of nature’s most powerful organic electrolytes. Because its constituents were once in molecular structure, which can balance cell life.

Can the product assist with respiratory symptoms around inflammation, coughing and allergic responses?

Traditional views of most equine respiratory disease is to reduce the inflammatory response of the body. It’s important to support your horse’s immune system. Also be aware of contagious or viral concerns in the area. If your horse is kept at a barn with other horses that travel, staying aware of their health is in the best interest of your horse’s well-being. . A horse coughing, experiencing heaves, or any other equine respiratory concern is a sign of the state of the horse’s health. The trigger could be from a compromised immune system, out of balance GI tract, past emotion within the body, environmental stress, or a lifestyle routine that’s out of alignment with the horse’s design. The symptoms of inflammation, coughing and asthma are much better alleviated with the use of Fulvic nad Humic Acids. Ref  Jingrong Chen et al, jiangxi humic acid, 2 (1984) Humic Extracts, especially Fulvic Acid, when administered orally are proven to regulate the immune system as powerful immune modulators and to work as potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. You need at least three months to see the full potential of supplementation.

Which product is recommended for hoof health and laminitis?

Your horse’s best chance of overcoming this hoof disease might lie in your ability to catch it early. Everyone talks about laminitis being a lameness issue, but we know that horses start to get damage at a microscopic level before they show any lameness. Therefore, keeping your horse’s health is key to maximizing likelihood of recovery. Supplementing with our product can prevent or help you catch this devastating hoof disease while your horse still has a chance to avoid suffering its consequences. Long term administration has shown healthy hooves which grow faster in the dorsal (front) part of the hoof and slower in the quarters. A wide and smooth and evenly spaced growth rings across the front of the hoof wall that curve downward at the quarters toward the heels it noted. With laminitis, that growth pattern no longer applies; the horse develops wider growth rings at the heel than at the toe (because growth has been compromised at the toe—where most of the damage has occurred—more severely than at the heels).  Insulin, a normal hormone released in the body to regulate blood sugar, activates a particular growth factor (IGF-1) in the laminae, causing them to grow. Our product assists with insulin resistance and obesity. Our product assists in prevention of systemic inflammatory responses which can trigger laminitis.  Laminitis starts at a microscopic level well before actual lameness sets in. Laminitis is all about ameliorating or halting the progression and if it’s very early and quite mild then you can go on to have a horse with no functional disruption. You need to take action and try Fulvic Renew as a start.

What are the effects of Humic Acids, as found in Fulvic Enhanced products, in vitro on Cancer?

HUMIC FULVIC goes systemic, so it works on the first priority in the body. This means it may be repairing something else first before it addresses the health issue you chose it for originally. The antioxidant properties, enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant defence system in liver mitochondria and cultured cancer lines in vitro were tested. The results indicated recapture of superoxide with lower efficiency than hydroxyl radicals. As HA’s are naturally occurring organic constituents they constitute a promising agent in terms in immunity enhancement at recommended prophylactic dosages. Humic Acids are known for their overall positive health and productivity effects and as an aetiological factor of Cancer. Ref In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol-Animal ( 2011) 47: 376-382 DOI 10.1007/s11626-011-9405-8.

What tests have been done on horses?

A review of the Equine testing indicates a lack of side effects from the ingestion of Fulvic Enhanced ™. Dr SS De Kock Laboratory Director of the National Horse Racing Authority conducted a full analysis on blood and urine and indicated in the analysis that the specimens contained no substances which exceed allowed levels and also did not contain any other substances considered prohibited. An additional review done over a period of 2 years on sponsored product provided by Fulvic Health Pty Ltd confirmed the safety of this product for use as an oral multi-mineral electrolyte supplement. The safety in both the short-term and long-term use of the animals I treated is considered adequate and applicable to horses from colt/filly to mare/gelding/stallion, as is implied the same mechanism of action that is seen to occur in both animal and human studies. The substance tested complied with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) methods, was received in a tamper proof secure container. In a preliminary test, the dosage was given a suggested dosage. The oral acute toxicity study testing done over a period of 2 years shows no toxicity. All animals tested were continuously observed for six hours initially after the treatment and then three times a day during the post treatment. Results of the testing indicate that Fulvic Enhanced ™ caused no toxic symptom or lethality during a the treatment observation period at the maximal tolerable dose (MTD) administered within 24 hours which was 50 ml per day and often up to 2 x 50 ml dose per day during endurance activity, thus providing a base of evidence that this product is non-toxic in applicable physiological doses.

What are the key factors that make our animal feed additive unique?

The product contains Fulvic and Humic substances which act as growth promoters, immune and stress- protectors and metabolism correctors.( References: 1. Stepchenko L. 2000. 11-th International Peat Congress, Quebec, Canada, pp. 921-927. 2. Stepchenko L. 2004. Naukoviy visnik NAU 78, 68-72.) The humic substances show Antiulcerogenic activity (Ref: Ghosal, S.; Singh, S. K.; Kumar, Y. Phytother. Res. 1988, 2, 187-191) and lastly the use of humic substances in feed improved gut health for better nutrient utilization as well as improved the health status by working against pathogens by developing immunity (Reference: Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 4 (3): 126-134, 2005 ISSN 1680-5194 © Asian Network for Scientific Information, 2005)

How does our product Fulvic Excel enhance the Connective Tissue in horse health?

The good news is that the Fulvic Acid in our “powder form” exists as an active substance in both basic or “alkaline” and “acidic” conditions, thus these Fulvic Acids carry molecules into the tissues to alkalise the tissues. Minerals such as copper, manganese and zinc found in Fulvic Acid are important for normal cartilage and connective tissue formation and even further supported by the MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) and Chondroitin Sulphate Bovine content.

Fulvic already has the maximum amount of vegetable silica as a part of its excipients bonded to be absorbed quicker by the body. The transmutation of vegetal silica and magnesium to form calcium in animal and human bones is a typical example of new synthesis of minerals that Fulvic initiates.

It is believed that Fulvic acids create a natural balance for many of life processes. How?

Fulvic acids possess less carbon but more oxygen than the corresponding humic substances with different solubility’s. Naturally occurring organic polyelectrolyte’s do participate in reactions with both organic and inorganic compounds that play a vital role in nutritional physiology of single cells that are beneficial to the positive aspects of growth and maturity.