Fibromyalgia, is a syndrome rather than a specific disease. As such there are a complex of symptoms which may or may not be present in any particular clinical instance of fibromyalgia. The most common symptoms, however, can all be helped by fulvic acid complexes as fulvic acid has been shown to be effective in reducing muscle and joint pain, improving sleep, and decreasing fatigue. Generalized muscle stiffness should also be reduced.
Taking the liquid mineral/vitamin complex will be more effective if accompanied by the capsules (dietary supplement). Research also has shown the following to be of great assistance in reducing the effects of fibromyalgia:
[1] Light, ongoing aerobic exercise, such as a walking programme, coupled with stretching exercises.
[2] A raw vegetarian diet. This diet, in one study, produced great improvement of up to 70% reduction in symptoms in the people involved in the study over a seven week period.

A change in diet such as this, presuming that the person is not already on this diet, and the exercise programme would probably be best undertaken after the liquid mineral/vitamin supplement has been taken for at least a month and has produced some benefits. Any large change should also be performed