Why are Fulvic Enhanced™ products unique?

Fulvic Enhanced™ products are a new innovation in complementary medicine which promotes electrochemical balance and cell renewal through intermolecular forces.  It is the most complete nutrient-rich defence against inflammatory and joint disease available, with additional ingredients over and above Fulvic acid, such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulphate and MSM, amino acids and trace minerals. Instead of a handful of pills, our “next generation dual action formula” enhanced with Fulvic acid, has all the additional building blocks to repair and restore joint and cell function, wherever possible.

What is Fulvic Enhanced™?

Fulvic Enhanced™ is a proprietary combination supplement that contains  trace amounts of up to 84 mineral phyto-nutrients , amino acids  and microbials, with additional building blocks namely Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate, MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), Vitamin C, Manganese, Boron and Selenium.The remarkable difference in our supplement is the “new innovation” of Fulvic Acid that no competitor has as a part of their formulation. We own the copyright Fulvic Enhanced ™ in 3 classes of registration. The Proprietary Fulvic Enhanced ™ Formulation has undergone stability techniques by the manufacturer, Calpharm Pharmaceuticals, to standardise the natural extract retaining all of the natural organic principles in an unadulterated "herbal“ form. The product FULVIC ENHANCED™ falls within Category 7, as per complementary call-up notice of 2002.

Who should take Fulvic Enhanced ™?

 Children from age ten to the elderly, sportsmen and women, arthritic, acidic, suffering injury or those with progressive weakness that results from overwhelming emotional stress, uncontrolled infections, unbalanced diet, prolonged loss of sleep, fatigue and surgical shock. Those who need to remove heavy metal and bacteria, mould and fungus from their bodies.Fulvic acid is the key to regenerative nutrition and speeded healing and is essential for vitamin and mineral absorption.

Have you ever heard that your body will not use certain vitamins without the right amount of minerals?

 For minerals to be effectively utilized by living organisms, i.e. you and me, they must first be converted from their colloidal or metallic state to a microscopic ionizedstate. Before this process colloidal minerals & nutrients are too large for the body to easily absorb & can be released as waste instead of absorbed & utilized by the body. This is why it is extremely important to have Fulvic as a part of your daily supplementation with all vitamin and mineral supplements.

What sets Fulvic Enhanced™ apart from our other joint support or arthritis and anti inflammatory products?

The answer to this question lies in a substance called Fulvic acid.

Fulvic acid (a derivative of humic acid) is the first biological step in changing inorganic trace minerals into organically complexes, soluble trace minerals which can be used by both plants and animals. It is produced in trace amounts by homeostatic soil microorganisms as organic plant matter decays. The process takes hundreds of years and like photosynthesis, it cannot be duplicated in the laboratory. Fulvic acid is an extremely small (ultra chelated), low molecular weight molecule which can beneficially modify so many essential biochemical, electrochemical and metabolic processes.

Is it OK to take Fulvic Enhanced™ products with other liquid supplements?

Even though Fulvic Enhanced™ blends well with most alkaline substances, manufacturing research recommends you use it as directed. However, it is ok to take other supplements within the same day as taking Fulvic Enhanced™ just don’t take them at the same time.

Are there any contra-indications while using Fulvic Enhanced™ products?

Our experience with Fulvic Enhanced™ has not produced any evidence of contraindication. However, if you are on chronic medication we ask that that refer your Physician to our website where they may confirm that Fulvic Enhanced™ products are safe, effective, rejuvenating and healing. Remember to always follow the instruction of your physician. 

Will we experience any side effects?

No known side effects have ever been recorded, however, the following is to be noted:

A "detoxing reaction" or "healing crisis" is a natural, significant body initiated process that can occur when accumulated toxins are being eliminated from the body.This internal body detoxing is absolutely essential to maintain or regain health, adjust your weight and your hormones.

The detoxing process, which lasts between 1 and 5 days, may be slowed down or stopped by eating bread, white flour and sugar, processed foods in general, animal flesh, or dairy products especially cream and mayonnaise, therefore it is suggested that  you refrain from eating these foods while detoxing. Drink plenty non chlorinated water, juices, and herbal teas.  These will help to flush the body of toxins.  It is best to use pure water, and not water that comes from the tap. If you are feeling lethargic or tired, the body is telling you that you need to rest. Hot showers may be very helpful.  Have the water as hot as you can stand it and scrub the skin well.  This will help to eliminate toxins through the skin.  Do not eat too much through the crisis.  Eat light meals that are easy to digest.  Increase the amount of fibre that you are eating like fruit and brown rice, raw vegetables. Breathing in deeply and relax.

Prescription or over-the-counter drugs are often taken to stop the symptoms of a detoxing process. However, in addition to halting this beneficial detoxing process, the body now has to deal with the added toxicity of the medication.

If you do experience outwardly noticeable detoxing symptoms, remember that they don't last forever, and once through them, people often feel better than they have in years.

If you experience such detox symptoms simply reduce the dosage to one capsule per day and consume lots of water, fresh fruit and vegetables and exercise. As your body becomes stronger and you start feeling better you may continue with the recommended dosages.

Can a person undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment take Fulvic Enhanced ™ products?

As Fulvic Enhanced contains elements that are used by the body to cleanse, neutralize, and remove toxins, strengthen and supercharge the immune system, super-oxygenate the blood, maintain optimum alkalinity & pH levels, balance cell life, and more, which aids the body's ability to heal itself, it is recommended. It is important that your doctor does research on our product before giving his/her blessing. Our wellness advice centre will forward any information required directly to your doctor- (create a click box for info)

Keep in mind that many doctors have not heard of Fulvic minerals. You may want to print some FulvicAcid Reports from our Information Library and some of the other educational documents that we have available on this web site and hand them to your doctor to read. 

May a person with diabetes take Fulvic Enhanced ™ products?

Scientific results support the use" of Fulvic acids "as an adjuvant [assisting in the prevention, amelioration, or cure] in the therapy of diabetes".  Many Diabetics have shared in the Benefit of Fulvic Enhanced™ products. 

Will Fulvic Enhanced provide additional iron to people deficient in iron?

Those deficient in Iron will have to consume foods rich in iron or consume quality iron supplements as recommended by a doctor.  Fulvic Enhanced has the ability to potentiate (make more effective) the iron from the foods and supplements.Iron deficiency anaemia is common, and in adults is most often due to chronic blood loss. This blood loss can be from menstruation or from small amounts of repeated bleeding (which can be very subtle), and in children is mainly due to insufficient iron in the diet.

Will Fulvic Enhanced benefit someone who is anemic?

Medical science supports Dr. Pauling’s Ph. D (Two- time Nobel Prize winner) statement with numerous discoveries that link mineral deficiencies to various diseases, including, but not limited to: anaemia, osteoporosis, heart and liver disease, congenital birth defects, and other diseases.

How soon will I notice results?

When taken regularly for at least 90 days, studies have shown that Fulvic Acid can allow you to recover quicker and perform longer. Health starts at cellular level.  In my four years experience in marketing and selling Fulvic/ Humic Acid in South Africa, most reports have been clients with many significant improvements such as improved energy, enjoying better sleep, having better mental concentration, bad nail and brittle hair conditions improving, sugar imbalances improving, better skin tone, improved joint pain, improved migraines, less allergies, better bowel movements and improved restless leg syndrome, as well as overall improvement of well-being experienced anywhere from within a few days to a few weeks after they began taking the supplement. It is important to understand that every human body is different. Our sales process includes a FREE acid alkaline saliva test to get more accurate results from our product. Use of Fulvic Enhanced™ on a daily basis will provide the body with vital amino acids and trace minerals as well as other important elements that the body requires for repair and regeneration. 

How do I know if Fulvic Enhanced is safe?

Our production is in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices standards and is expected to be GMP certified through Calpharm Pharmaceuticals. Every batch of Fulvic acid and humic acid released is tested. 

Is our Fulvic Capsule more effective than liquid Fulvic or Humic Liquid?

This is a generalized claim which has no scientific base. Different nutrients are absorbed through different processes for instance: passive diffusion, intrinsic factor availability, and most ingredients must be ionized by the body’s own chemistry!

By including Fulvic in our proprietary formula this process is improved and will take place immediately on the release of the ingredients. One of the unique characteristics of the Fulvic Acid in this solution is that it exists as an active substance in both basic or “alkaline” and “Acidic” conditions, thus these Fulvic Acid carry molecules into the tissues to alkalise the tissues. Humic Acid is not able to exist in a non alkaline condition.

Which are the most valuable - “colloidal” or “ionic” minerals?

The Fulvic acid that is present in the Fulvic Enhanced Product lines is the main ingredient which works towards making nutrients absorbable into the body. This results in an effective functioning of the various internal organs and also works on the major health disorders that people generally fall prey to. Cells on the inside or outside of a biological system can absorb molecules bound to Fulvic acid. Whether these natural compounds are ions (single molecule), or colloids (groupings of molecules) has little bearing on absorption. The contention whether "colloidal” or "ionic” minerals are the superior cannot be scientifically claimed, as long as the minerals or elements are chelated by Fulvic acids. 

What is Glucosamine Sulfate and is it true that it can cause allergic reactions for those allergic to shellfish?

Glucosamine sulfate is a naturally occurring chemical found in the human body. It is in the fluid that is around joints.  It is common with people with osteoarthritis that the cartilage breaks down and becomes thin which results in more joint friction, pain, and stiffness. Researchers have voiced that by taking glucosamine supplements you may either increase the cartilage and fluid surrounding joints or help prevent breakdown of these substances, or maybe both.  Also reported is that sulphate is needed by the body to produce cartilage. The glucosamine sulfate that is put into dietary supplements is often harvested from the shells of shellfish. Our products only contain Glucosamine Sulphate Sodium that is synthetically produced from glucosamine HCL and therefore there are no reports of allergic reactions for those who are allergic to shellfish. Studies in humans have no substantiated risk when taking our product.

What is Chondroitin Sulphate?

Chondroitin is produced predominantly from shark cartilage extract however the Fulvic Enhanced supplements area Bovine cartilage by-product from cow cartilage. Chondroitin, a carbohydrate, is a cartilage component that is thought to promote water retention and elasticity and to inhibit the enzymes that break down cartilage. Chondroitin may inhibit production of cartilage-destroying enzymes and fight inflammation too. If people choose to take dietary supplements to control their inflammatory symptoms, a continued use for three months of Fulvic Enhanced is a sufficient period for the evaluation of efficacy, thereafter, if there is no significant decrease in symptoms by this time, the supplements may not be sufficient enough. One should be advised that those with severe pain, that taking Chondroitin sulphate with glucosamine sulphate may have an additive effect and with the innovation of Fulvic acid phenomenal results represent new possibilities for their medical application.  Fulvic Enhanced products, we believe, arethe most complete joint support supplement available given the additional ingredients over and above any other supplement available today.

What is Ascorbic Acid and how will it benefit as a vitamin supplement?

 Ascorbic acid (also called vitamin C and the preferred form of Vitamin B12) is a carbohydrate-like substance involved in the metabolic functions including synthesis of collagen, maintenance of the structural strength of the blood vessels, metabolism of certain amino acids, and the synthesis or release of hormones in the adrenal glands. It occurs as a white or slightly yellow crystal or powder with a slight acidic taste. Traditional synthesis of ascorbic acid is through the Reichstein process which requires bioconversion of sorbitol followed by a seven-step chemical process. Newly developed fermentation technology is used to reduce production costs of the key ascorbic intermediate, ketogulonic acid. Vitamin C has a very simple structure. Chemically, it is ketothreohexuronic acid. It is an antiscorbutic product. On exposure to air and light it gradually darkens. Ascorbic Acid is freely soluble in water; sparingly soluble in alcohol; insoluble in chloroform, ether, and benzene.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient in human diets, and necessary to maintain connective tissue and bone. Ascorbic acid is easily oxidized. L form ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) biologically functions as a reductant and a coenzyme in several metabolic pathways. Ascorbic acid and its sodium, potassium, and calcium salts, used as food preservative, are water soluble.

What about non-athletes and/or for persons who suffer from a chronic illness?

Dr. Richard A. Drucker, M.Sc., N.D., N.M.D., Ph.D.  believes that careful, regular monitoring and replacement of fluid and Poly-electrolytes should be part of both acute and chronic care in most illnesses. Poly-electrolytes are critically necessary for treating the acid-base imbalance as also seen in many acute and/or chronic illnesses such as, renal dysfunction and/or diabetic ketoacidosis.